Waiting For A Habit

Bad habits are hard to break. Everyone knows this. Eating poorly becomes a habit. Not exercising becomes a habit. Looking at porn becomes a habit.

Immediately flipping to a new tab during a progress bar / compile time / rendering becomes. a. bad. habit.

I write this because I know this. Knowing, while being half the battle, is only the first half.

Just like losing weight, everyone knows how–you eat less, you work out more. But when you actually DO lose weight, you get asked a lot…”So what’s your secret?”. Every one of us always hopes for an easier way, some Way Out that we didn’t know about, so we don’t have do the Work.

I kill my own productivity because a few times in a row a set a bad precedent. And that precedent set into a habit.

My blithe internet time wasting is a way to avoid waiting for a bar to cross the screen. Guess what? Waiting is not a bad thing. The Age of the Smartphone has made our little brains very bad at waiting. Got a free a minute? Pop open the phone, check social media, get a quick dopamine “i saw something new” hit. Standing in line? Pop out the phone. Sitting on the toilet? Same deal. It’s every where.

We’ve created a habit for ourselves to never be bored. We never actually wait for something to happen.

The DMV, the post office, lunch break, during our kid’s activities, there’s no patient waiting. We have tracking numbers so we know when packages are coming, and still, when that status says “Out for Delivery” we get impatient. Instant info is all around, yet the wonder of technology is lost on us, as we’re too buy staring at our phones. So we don’t have to stare out the window.

Not ingesting new information is how you have ideas.

By constantly checking the phone (or whatever internet device), you rob your brain of creative energy. Why bother coming up with ideas when reddit can provide a thousand ‘new’ things every minute?

If you don’t stop and think, you’ll never produce.

If you’re not making anything you’re just consuming what others have made.

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