Tomorrow I’ll Be Better

Procrastination is an eternal struggle. I hate to even admit it here, but everyone knows it. Being self-employed doesn’t really help. There’s always something more interesting than work just waiting out there to be looked at, something that I need to know how to fix.

I realize I need time away from a screen, to actually have time to think. I know this, but I rarely do it. Reflection is so important to get things processed.

It’s so simple to just pick up the phone (well, or tablet) whenever there is down time. Waiting in line? Bored no more. Waiting for anything? You never have to stop and have your thoughts to yourself.

Being able to have the time to let your mind run is a luxury these days, and I believe we are poorer for it. We distract ourselves because if we stop and think for a minute we realize how empty our lives are. How devoid of purpose. If I only had that One More Thing! Then I would be satisfied.

Until I get that one more thing, then there’s always another.


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